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TR130 Iridium/GPRS Dual Mode satellite Communication Tracker TR130

  • Product description: TR130 is true global satellite communication system based on iridium SBD and GPRS hybrid technology. It is mainly designed for the high value assets tracking with no blind area on the earth. The devic

1. Dual mode satellite communications

Support Iridium SBD mode and GPRS mode

2. Intelligently select working mode

GPRS mode is priority. Auto switch to Iridium SBD mode wherever no GPRS signal available

3. Real Global No blind area: Signals cover all global areas including remote areas, sea, air, mountain, desert and the polar regions

4. 3G (WCDMA) network

Automatic transmission from 3G to 2G adapts to actual environment

5. OTA (Over-the-Air) technology

Upgrade firmware easily online by OTA technology remotely

6. Multifunctional

Support camera, RFID card reader/Magnetic card reader, fuel temperature sensor and iButton driver ID (Optional)

7. Customized interfaces

RS232 or RS485 CAN BUS optional for integrating with external peripherals easily


Iridium receiver parameters
. Iridium module: Iridium 9602
. Frequency: 1616 ~ 1626.5 MHz
. Receiving sensitivity: -118.5dBm at 50W
. Global coverage: no blind areas
. Duplex mode: TDD (Time Division Duplex) Upstream data: maximum length: 340 bytes
. Downstream: maximum length is 270 bytes

. Transmission delay: 10 ~60 seconds (because of galaxy switch)
. Input/ Output impedance: 50Ω
. Multiplex mode: TDMA/FDMA
. Iridium antenna and interface: external antenna, SMA interface




GSM frequency band

GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz

WCDMA frequency band

WCDMA 850/900/1900/2100 MHz

Satellite Transmit/Receive Frequency


GPS sensitivity

-159 dBm

Positioning accuracy

Without aid:2.5M(Open Sky)


108 mm x 74 mm x 25 mm



Coordinate system


Input voltage

DC 11–36 V/1.5 A

Built-in battery

500 mAh/3.7 V

Normal power consumption

60 mAh

Operating temperature

-20 to 80

GSM antenna

Internal antenna

GPS antenna

External antenna

Satellite antenna

External antenna,SMA connector

Built-in memory chip

4 Mb

optional accessories

Fuel Sensor
RFID Card reader
Trailer ID

OTA update

Update through FTP


1 positive Input

1 input for vehicle ACC

1 analoge input

1 output for fuel cut (ARM)

1 Setup port

1 RS485 bus