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OBDII tracker with Canbus tk228

OBDII tracker with Canbus

  • OBDII gps tracker
  • canbus gps tracker
  • 3g OBD tracker
  • Product description: OBDII tracker with canbus


1. Plug & play design with OBD-II connector, compatible with most vehicles with OBD-II connector, supports most CAN-BUS communication protocols;
2. It is integration of GPS tracker + RFID car alarm + Bluetooth diagnostics + wireless immobilizer;
3. Arm/disarm by SMS/phone call, or by 2.4G RFID tag automatically;
4. Check real physical address (such as city name, street name) directly;
5. Track by SMS/website to get latitude, longitude, speed, direction & odometer...;
6. Movement alarm, Over-speed alarm, Geo-fence alarm;
7. Engine on alarm, power failure alarm, vibration alarm;
8. Anti-tamper alarm. Once device disconnected, it triggers the alarm;
9. Built-in shock sensor for power saving & triggering vibration alarm;
10. Monitor the voice;
11. Supports 2.4G long-distance contactless RFID function(optional);
12. Keyless RFID car alarm function(optional);
13. Accurate odometer & speed reading directly via CAN-BUS;
14. Data logger 8Mb for offline GPS waypoint;
15. Read the vehicle error code & clear the error code ;
16. Built-in rechargeable backup battery; when the car battery is cut off or damaged, the built-in backup battery can work for emergency check, and the system will send out power failure alert immediately.
17. Two kinds of location information; user can check the GPS latitude, longitude, speed, direction. If there is no GPS signal, user could also locate the car by GSM base station code.
18. Remote diagnostics function. Transmission of the following data via blue-tooth or GPRS network:
(1) Battery's voltage, RPM, speed, TAP throttle opening, engine load, coolant temperature, fuel consumption, odometer, error code & times, acceleration times & deceleration times;
(2) Driver behavior data: ignition time, total driving time, total idling time, average engine hot-start time, average speed, history high speed, history RPM, total acceleration times & total deceleration times.
19. Work with immobilizre to lock engine safely and send alarm.