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TR150 Iridium satellite GPS tracker IP67 with SBD 9603 tranceiver

  • Made with Iridium SBD modem 9603
  • GPS position tracking / ACC detection
  • remote engine cutoff/restart
  • Waterproof IP67
  • Product description: Iridium satellite GPS tracker Iridium 9603 tracker satellite tracker with 9603 SBD boat satellite tracker Apply for boat, vessel, asset or vehicle in the desert or remote area where there is no GP


1. Iridium SBD transceiver, Truly Globe coverage

2. High sensitivity -165 dBm (Tracking), Fast TTFF

3. Location report compressed into 10 bytes, saving data costs.

4. ACC detection
5. remote engine cutoff/restart

6. Embedded 3D accelerate sensor

7. Waterproof IP67

8. Firmware update: Update over the air

Technical Parameters:

Module Item Specifications
Iridium SBD Part Model TR150
Satellite Transmit / Receive Frequency 1616-1625MHz
Transmit Power 1.6W
Message Size TX 340bytes   RX 270bytes
Latency 20 sec (typical)
Stability of Frequency <2.5ppm
GPS PART GPS Chipset MT3337 GPS chipset
Receiver accuracy Without aid:3.0M2D-RMS DGPS(WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS, RTCM): 2.5M
GPS sensitivity -165 dBm
Positioning accuracy Without aid:2.5M(Open Sky)
Hot start <1 sec.
Warm start <30 sec.
Cold start <31 sec.
Interface GPS antenna External Activity Antenna Gain 3dB
Iridium SBD Antenna Frequency: 1616-1626MHz
Indicator LEDs GPS, Iridium, Power status
Digital Input 1
Output 1
General Device mechanics 100mm(L)*69mm(W)*41mm(H)
Weight 102g
DC Tolerance 8V to 32V
Built-in battery 500 mAh/Li-Po 3.7 V
Current 120 mAh
Operating temperature -20 to 60
Firmware OTA update Update through FTP
Protocol Transmit Protocol TCP, Email