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4G GPS Tracker

TDT3000 4G LTE GPS tracker with multiple I/O support sensors - 副本

  • Product description: Multiple digital input, analogue input/output; Idle alert
1. Intelligent report
2. Fixed time/distance report
3. Geo-fence alarm
4. Direction change report
5. SOS alarm
6. lower battery alarm
7. External power cut alert
8. over speed report
9. built in backup battery
10. Support TCP/UDP & SMS
11. Sleeping mode
12. Built in 4mb in memory
13. ACC ignition detection
14. Store the data in blind area
15. GPRS blind area data re-upload function
16. Multiple digital input, analogue input/output
17. Built-in 3D accesselator
18. Driver behavior monitoring
19. Idle alert
20. Remotely power cut off
21. Door lock/unlock
22. Can connect 2x fuel sensors (optional)
23. support camera connection (optional)
24. Can connect with RFID reader (optional)
25. Can connect with temperature sensor (optional)
26. Can connect with Flow meter (optional)
27. Support siren alarm (optional)

28. Support upgrade by OTA

Technical Specification: